September 29, 2011

My Autumn senses are tingling!

Southbrook Pumpkin Patch is a close to the city "farm". It's small and family owned. They host an annual community fun day, so Rich and I decided to check it out for the first time. They provided complimentary hotdogs and snacks as well as fresh corn on the grill. There was a free tractor ride around the farm, mini corn maze and of course, lots of pumpkins! Oh and chickens!! I love chickens.

The farm from across the field

The main store, where you can buy seasonal items, treats, cookies, tarts, pies and snacks.

Gourdes, $1 each

Who doesn't like free food!?

There's just something about eating at a farm that makes a simple hot dog special

Richard and I navigating through the corn maze

Hanging out with a dead guy, Batman's watching over me

Hens! <3

What a beauty.

Wishing I'll have some of my own chickens one day... I can get some farm fresh eggs!

Random weed/flowers

Vegan stew to the left

Haha, fireman.

$6 - $8 each

All aboard the tracker ride

Cutie! Kids were feeding them corn and they loved it.

We ran off to the forested area, I'm a forest creature.

Balancing on fallen trees isn't as easy as I thought


Things growing on trees

More fungus goodness

Not blueberries and on the right are really poisonous (but pretty) berries, known as Actaea pachypoda ( or Doll's-eyes, White Baneberry)

Reminds me of Martha.. I think she'd approve

Halloween-ie items

Picking a baby pumpkin to take home, $1.50

Good bye cute chickens! Over all the pumpkin patch/mini farm was fun.. and free!

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Hi, I'm Janetta from Toronto. I cook, bake and often veganize recipes. I photograph nearly everything and those photos will most likely end up being posted here. I've got a little black cat named Tank, who's really cute and a little bit nosy. You'll see a lot of photos of her too!

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