June 29, 2011

Wednesday night dinner

This was last week's dinner, not going to lie.. but I would totally make this again and again and again! I've got 4 jumbo boxes of Kellogg's corn flakes at home, so what better use for them than crispy baked chicken? Season/marinate, flour, egg wash and cornflakes, bake until done. Super juicy, crispy and healthy. I used 6 chicken thighs, backs attached, separated them into backs/drumsticks and got 12 pieces of chicken for $5. We even had left overs, which were just as good after getting heated up in the mini oven. These got served with steamed mixed veggies, whole wheat bread and Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce (all of which were free, thanks to coupons). Nobody said a word during dinner; it was that finger lick'n good :)

Rich wasn't over for dinner, but here's a random one of us taking an evening stroll around the neighborhood. Hi!

June 28, 2011

A very berry Father's Day

Vanilla cupcakes with blueberry cheese cake frosting, for my dad.
I'm a few weeks late posting about Father's Day, but here it is and I'll keep it short. Richard and I joined my family and relatives to celebrate Father's Day. I got my dad eleven bottles of Scrubbing Bubbles shower sprays. Why? Because we're getting our house redone and we'll have brand new bathrooms! lol We all went to brunch and had a dandy time. I love cream cheese frosting...I could eat a whole bowl. Fast forward a few days later, Rich and I celebrated Father's Day at his brother's house for a barbeque (more on this later)! I made dessert and it was a huge hit. I even went back for seconds!
I love when these gems go on sale :)

Raspberry & mango cake <3
Man-0-man was this baby delicious. I finally perfected my vegan vanilla cake recipe- the cake was light, moist and flavourful. A go-to recipe, that's for sure. The innards consisted of non-vegan whipped cream, fresh raspberry and topped off with ataulfo mango puree. Super simple and was a pleasure to bake up. I can't wait to make this again!! Canada Day maybe?

Raspberry & mango cake, vegan.
I can't forget Richard! I made him his own little vegan cake. The only thing thats different from the other larger cake, was the cream. For his, I just used a vegan venilla buttercream. He ate the whole thing.. lol What a pig. <3

June 24, 2011

Lunch at home

Baked chicken burger, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo. I seriously love, love, love Jane's pub style chicken burgers!

Thanks to one of my Aunts for getting us the Magic Bullet. This thing is awesome! I didn't think I'd use it much, but I do.

This was a blueberry raspberry smoothie, blended with lemon gelato a splash of apple juice and a scoop of yogurt.

Gone in 1.5 minutes, no kidding. :) Oink!

June 22, 2011

New spectacles ! (Again)

I got new specs and I think that they look pretty fab. They're by Joseph Marc (Who!? Yeah I haven't a clue either.) and retailed for about $200. They were on sale for $108, but because clearlycontacts.ca was giving free glasses again, they only cost me shipping and handling. A mere fifteen bucks. How awesome is that?! These frames are for men, as noted on their site but I like the masculinity of the detailing. The tortoise shell arms and the matte black frames are awesome. I can't wait to see them in person and to try them on! The best thing about this company, is that they have a 365 day guarantee on both the frames and the lenses, as well as a 365 day exchange/ return policy...and they will pay for the shipping back! Talk about great customer service.

June 20, 2011

A happy 1st Birthday

...to Wil and Isaac! (Rich's sister's babies.)

Last week were the twin's first birthday! They've grown up so fast within a year and we are so happy to see that they are both super healthy and vibrant! You see, they were born about one and a half months premature- which is always super scary. To see them learning to crawl, eating an array of foods and now sprouting their second and third baby teeth makes me so damn happy!  Here are just a few photos from the party. It was robot themed and everyone had a great time- even the adults. :)

Robot cakes baked and decorated by their dad! How cute are those?

I still can't totally tell them apart from each other... I think this is Isaac

The thinker, Wil. "Hmm, well this is something new! It's delicious!"

You're not supposed to shake him, you know. Something might come out. :)

Here's what I made them - soft plush stuffed robots. I've never sewed anything like this before, but they came out pretty awesome, I think. I mean, I love how they're wonky looking.. eyes and all. Haha, these guys might be almost as big as the boys, but at least they are child safe, lol. I labored for about 5 1/2 hours on both of them!


A cup of black tea and a sweet treat

I love raspberries! I can't wait to pick my own from my raspberry bushes or even head over to the "u pick" berry farm on the way back from camping. But since I haven't gone camping yet this season and my berry plants haven't produced fruit (I'll be luck if they do!)...I'll have to settle on the grocery store. Luckily, these ruby gems are in season and have been on sale for the past week! A dollar for 170g, isn't too bad! Plus, with the 50¢ coupons from Driscoll's...it's a steal! Other than smoothies, I decided to bake some into scones. mMmm, I just love myself a cup of black tea and scones.

The plan was to make white chocolate raspberry scones, but I don't have white chocolate. :( Semi sweet chips did just fine though! These were delicious and not all that bad for you...hehehe.
Chocolate Raspberry Oatmeal Scones (vegan)
Makes about 5 smaller sized scones

3/4c.  AP Flour
1/2c. + 2tbsp.  Old fashioned oatmeal
2 tbsp.  White sugar
11/2tsp.  Baking powder
Pinch of salt
3tbsp.  Vegetable oil
1tsp.  Corn starch (optional, mixed into..)
6 tbsp.  Milk (soy, almond, rice)
1 tsp.  Vanilla extract
1/4c.  Raspberries
1/4c.  Chocolate chips

Preheat your oven to 375°F.
Combine your dry ingredients, save for the chocolate and berries. Add in your oil, tablespoon at a time and mix lightly into the dry mixture. Pour in the milk, vanilla and add ins and mix with a fork until it's all moist. Don't over mix, lumps and bumps are okay! Spoon onto a parchment lined baking sheet and bake until golden. :)

June 16, 2011

I don't even like this cat...

I got a free Hello Kitty nail plate the other day (you know, the kind where you put the lacquer on the metal plate, scrape it off to reveal the engraved part of the plate now filled with polish, you take a stamp-y thing and put the image on your nail). I was totally intrigued! But  it didn't come with 1. the polish, 2. the scraper and 3. the stamp. Womp, womp...

But I made it work! I got some pigmented nail lacquer (black), an old plastic card and a make up sponge wrapped in plastic wrap. All this worked like a charm and look! I got Hello Kitty on my nail. Pretty cool, eh? I thought that Richard's neice would enjoy this. She will, once I do her digits! Cute.

Uh oh.. yep, that's a cut. I got it from peeling off the plastic off the plate. Then I got black nail polish on it and it hurt like a mother fugger. I tried to get most of the black off...how? By saturating a Q-tip with acetone and rubbing it in. Hah! And here, I thought getting the polish in there hurt...it's okay though. I sucked it up and got it all off. The last thing I really want is a nail polish tattoo, done this way. Nail stamping, fine.
I don't even like Hello Kitty.   >:T

June 15, 2011

Cooking Dinner

Meatballs in a tomato cream sauce on a bed of Catelli's smart pasta, with a side of roasted asparagus and a serving of tomato bruchetta/pesto on a whole wheat baguette! Wow, that was a mouthful. The basil was picked fresh from my indoor garden, which made the meal just that much better. Can't wait to harvest more! 

Smart Shopping

12 x Ziploc 30ct XL sandwich bags @ $1.48ea = $17.76 - $24 in coupons = up $6.24
11 x Scrubbing Bubbles cleaners @ $3.79ea = $41.96 - $55 in coupons = up $13.31
10 x Old Spice deodorant @ $1.49ea = $14.90 - $15 in coupons = up 10¢
04 x Lady Speed Stick deodorant @ $1.49 = $5.96 - $8 in coupons =  up $2.04
01 x Nutella (not shown) @ $1.99
01 x White mushrooms @ 88¢
Total: - $18.82 + $10.44 tax = up $8.48

Pets Mart
05 x Iams cat food @ 64¢ea = $3.20 - $2.50 in coupons = 70¢
Total: 70¢ - 15% promo + 40¢ tax = 99¢

10 x Purina One puppy food @ $25¢ea = $2.50 - $2.50 in coupons = FREE!
03 x Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce @ $1.99ea = $5.97 - $6 in coupons = up 3¢
02 x Jumex Mango Juice (Rich's favourite) @ 49¢ea = 98¢
01 x Reusable tote bag @ $1
Total: 1.95¢ + 46¢ tax = $2.41
(Another $2.50 coupon was later reduced making this order +9¢)

03 x Wilton's brownie frudge frosting @ $1.49ea = $4.47 - 40% = $2.68
01 Wilton piping tip @ $1.69ea - 50% = 84¢
01 x Popsicle mold @ 50¢ea - 25% off = 37¢
02 x Drinking glasses @ 50¢ea = $1.00 - 25% = 74¢
01 x Note pad (for Rich's mum) @ 50¢ea - 25% off = 37¢
Total: $4.99 + 30¢ tax = $5.29

Thanks to Mr.Christie for sending me FPCs for Triscuits! I picked up three boxes at Shppers Drug Mart- still looking for the Balsamic  as well as the Tomato flavour. ;) Yum! These are great as a snack, on picnics and camping. Looks like I'll be stocked up for the year after I use all of the coupons up!

June 09, 2011


I'm actually crying over not getting the shower tiled and various other changes to the original design plan. I don't want a hideous bathroom! Who the hell get's an old Chinese contractor to design their home!?! This is not acceptable. Where's Martha Stewart when you need her?

Smart Shopping

08 x Ziploc XL sandwich bags 30ct @ $1.48ea x 8 = $11.48 - $16 in coupons = up $4.16
01 x Club House "La Grille" 30 minute marinade @ $3.57ea - $3 coupon = 57¢
03 x Gillette travel shave foam @ $1.27ea x 3 = $3.81 - $5 coupon = up $1.19
04 x Dippity-Do hair gel @ $1.88ea x 6 = $7.52 - $8 in coupons =  up 48¢
01 x Clairol Natural Instincs hair dye @ $5.97 - FPC = FREE
02 x Protein bars @ $1.67 x 2 = $3.34 - FPC = FREE
Total after refund ($21.42) for being over charged: They paid me $8.49


Due to such an awesome shopping trip, I decided to treat myself :)
01 x Clairol Natural Instincts "vibrant" @ $8.99 - FPC = FREE
01 x PC strawberry shortcake icecream @ $3
01 x Easter grass (clearance) @ 20¢
Total: $3.20 + $1.19 tax = $4.39

I am happy to say that because my stock room is now full of Ziploc's that will last my family and I years to come, the ones above were given away to Rich's family. His brother and sister both have a pair of kids each, so these will come in handy! Walmart gave me a rain-check for 20 boxes, I got 8 this time and can get another 12 at a later date. These are money makers, as they give me 33¢ for every box I "buy" with coupons. I like that!

June 08, 2011

Super lazy girl lunch

I spent most of yesterday tending the garden and nearly forgot to eat! The garden looks alright, though I do think that the ph of the soil is off.. ugh. So I came inside super hungry and thirsty wondering what I could heat up and eat. Rummaged through the cupboards, the fridge, the freezer...and the giant freezer in the basement. B-I-N-G-O! Dr. Oetker's Panebello pizza! They were on sale for $2.99, I had a dollar off coupon which made it only two bucks. Awesome. This is one of the best (frozen) pizza's I've had.

It even looks like the one on the box!

The toppings were fresh tasting and they really don't skimp. It was perfectly cheesy, with a good amount of goat cheese. The only thing I think they could upgrade, is the goat cheese. It just wasn't flavourful enough. I like my cheese strong! Other wise, the combination of flavours were great. I loved the pesto! The crust isn't thin, it really is "bakery style" - crispy outside and pillow-y soft inside. It wasn't heavy, but it's definitely filling. One of these pies will probably feed 2 people!


I just popped it  in the mini oven for about 10 minutes at 375°F on convection. Easy! In the meantime, I made myself a nice drink-y-drink.

The ingredients
Back into the freezer I went. I got some frozen blueberries, grabbed some yogurt (free, thanks to Yoplait) and juice. Ocean Spray cranberry (also free, yay coupons!) was already open, so I used that. Tossed about half a cup of berries, two large spoons of yogurt into my Magic Bullet and topped it all off with juice. Blended it all up and voila, 1 minute smoothie. It was delicious and I suppose you could consider it to be fairly healthy.. minus the sugar in the juice. :)

Blueberries make the prettiest colour

June 07, 2011

An early June barbeque!

Meat eaters on the left, vegans on the right

The rain has taken a step back and the sun has been shining bright. I love it. This weekend we had a nice barbeque, which gave Rich a chance to try out his vegan chicken drumsticks on the grill, along with his meat-less burgers. I had a chicken burger and two buffalo chicken wings on the side. Things just taste so much better grilled! 

Excuse my shininess, but WHAT is my boyfriend doing?!  Oh.. pretending to be Conan the Barbarian......lol



My, what big...teeth you have! Sexy faces.. obvs.

My burger all nice and snug between garlic bread, sautéed mushrooms and buffalo ranch sauce.

Rich's dinner kind of looks like steak and mushrooms, no?

For dessert, watermelon!!! Yum. I love it. Rich..not so much. Can you tell? Haha. he ate it though.


Hi, I'm Janetta from Toronto. I cook, bake and make big messes. I photograph nearly everything and those photos will most likely end up being posted here. I've got a little black cat named Tank, who's super cute and a little bit nosy. You'll see a lot of photos of her too!

Contact me at: jubesandtank@gmail.com



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